First Vita Plus Melon Gold Health Pack

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Infused with MORE Vitamin C & Calcium With LESS Calories. Potently packed with MORE power herbs! Enjoy this melon natural health wonder. Works like a miracle! Melon Gold, Giving you a power boost all day long.

Melon contains 106 percent of the vitamin A daily value and 95 percent of vitamin C. It’s also a good source of potassium and folate. A cup of honeydew has 60 calories, 51 percent vitamin C daily value and 11 percent of potassium.

Vitamin A is essential for eyes and reproductive system that helps a couple to reproduce a baby.

First Vita Plus Power Herbs Benefits Your favorite Dalandan drink, enhanced with more Vitamin C and Calcium and less Calories. With more selected premium leaves of Moringa, Corchorus, Capsicum, Amaranthus and Ipomoea Batatas, is packed to meet your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants, and immunity enhancingphytochemicals.

Guaranteed to provide the extra energy boost, protection from stress, and maintenance of wellness, wholeness and well-being.

Directions: For exceptional natural healthy First Vita Plus, empty contents into a 250ml glass of water. Stir until contents are completely dissolved. Relax and enjoy the refreshing and healthy taste of First Vita Plus. No approved therapeutic claims.


20 sachets per box



Php 915.00 per box

Get FREE 2 boxes when you buy 10 boxes.

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